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Welcome to my home on the World Wide Web! My name is Inch In A Pinch and it is my job to help teach kids of all ages - yes, that means adults, too - how to LIVE GREEN AND SAVE THE EARTH

Tuskar In Trouble, Penny In Peril, Racky At Risk, Snooper Snail and Wise Worried Owl - Inch's friends
Tuskar In Trouble, Penny In Peril, Wise Worried Owl, Snooper Snail and Racky at Risk - some of Inch's friends
You may wonder why my name is Inch In a Pinch. Well, it's actually my nickname. My friends call me that because I'm always in a pinch. Right now, I'm in real trouble and so are all of my friends because our homes are being destroyed here on Earth!!

Habitat destruction and the newest threat that is getting lots of news coverage - global warming - are just two of the many things threatening to destroy this wonderful place we all call home!

My friends have all banned together and asked me to take all of you on a trip around the world to look at all of the different habitats that are in trouble. We will look at the beautiful plants and incredible wildlife living in each habitat area, find out what is threatening them and most important - what we can do to help!
Inch's Green Tip mOf The Month
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Don't run the dishwasher unless it is full. Each time it runs it uses 15 gallons of water - a real waste for only a few dishes!!

68 pages of fun-filled facts and activities that make learning easy!
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